Individuals of some countries (or from some countries) do not need a charge if their unique period of relax in Japan was ninety days or much less and they’re maybe not probably going to be engaged in income-earning work.

Individuals of some countries (or from some countries) do not need a charge if their unique period of relax in Japan was ninety days or much less and they’re maybe not probably going to be engaged in income-earning work.

Involve the roster of Countries and locations which have credit immunity agreements with Japan.

Q2: i do want to request a different national to Japan. Just what procedures are needed?

A2: (1) when it comes to an invite with regards to a brief stay (in the case you’re welcoming family or close friends, staff of a business enterprise by which your are performing business, etc. for a period of stay of ninety days or reduced and does not get paying them an earnings), kindly compose a Letter of reason behind Invitation and write down an agenda of visit. If you should be appealing you from China / Russia / CIS places / Georgia, if in case you will definitely shell out trip costs rather than the credit applicant (just who wishes to reach Japan), correspondence of assurance, the document of property belonging to the guarantor, and documents guaranteeing the capacity associated with the guarantor to cover the expenditures should be cooked besides the above forms regardless of consumer’s nationality. (2) when it come to a party invitation when it comes to a long-lasting visit (wife, performing, mastering, etc.), experts recommend you start with deciding on their local Regional Immigration agency to get a Certificate of qualifications given. (3) Once you have cooked every one of those paperwork, send those to the visa consumer. See right here for details.

Q3: What do I need to do in order to see a document of Eligibility?

A3: pose a question to your proxy inside Japan to consult their near local Immigration agency .

Q4: Is it necessary to navigate to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate standard on my own to try to get a credit?

A4: There are three ways to apply for a visa: (1) the visa applicant him/herself goes directly to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General, (2) the visa applicant writes a Letter of Proxy and get a proxy to go to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General in his / her place, and (3) the visa applicant uses an accredited travel agent approved by the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General. However, depending on the circumstances in your country or region, there are cases that the documents should only be submitted by the applicant him/herself going to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate, or through an accredited travel agent. Talk with the embassy or consulate to which you’re planning to use prior to making the applying.

Q5: could i apply for a charge during the most nearby Japanese Embassy / Consulate universal whilst travelling in an overseas country?

A5: You could apply for the charge at the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General in your state (part) or nation (region) of residence (when there is a few, connect with the Japanese Embassy / Consulate Essential nearby from your area). This means, you simply cannot find a visa at your trips getaway; if however uncover inevitable conditions, consult with the Japanese Embassy / Consulate regular that you wish to find the charge before making the application form.

Q6: precisely why got simple visa software not just accepted?

A6: If any of the as a result of matters pertain to an individual, your application is almost certainly not acknowledged.

  • (1) methods from persons retaining Japanese nationality
  • (2) The application is built to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate universal outside your region (part) of birth or land (domain) of home
  • (3) You at present posses a valid visa or re-entry license
  • (4) Your prior visa product to consult with Japan for a specific goal was refused and now you reapply to visit Japan for the very same factor within half a year within the getting rejected
  • (5) The credit application is being prepared at a separate Japanese Embassy / Consulate regular
  • (6) You can find mistakes or omissions during the presented paperwork
  • (7) The time period of credibility your credit installation space of any passport was inadequate
  • (8) The application is made by someone who does not have the credentials to help a proxy application
  • (9) a credit card applicatoin for issuance of a document of qualification continues to be pending

2. Program Test

Q1: just how long will be the program examination time period?

A1: the normal process duration happens to be five business days through the night bash go steady with the recognition of product. But if almost any type of evaluating is going to need (the distribution of extra paperwork, a job interview utilizing the candidate, inquiries, etc.), or if perhaps a visa program is perfect for the objective of a long-lasting visit without a Certificate of qualifications, etc., the exam normally takes beyond five working days (from many weeks a number of several months). Therefore, it is strongly suggested which you get the product prior to the permitted big date of deviation.

Q2: precisely why ended up being I asked to produce more information?

A2: Occasionally additional info will likely be required for the assessment processes, and often you’ll end up asked in the process to submit extra papers aside from the reports showed as the necessary papers. Each candidate provides various situations and settings, and quite often we really do not become aware of these through to the application has-been acknowledged, menchats as a result there are some papers that individuals usually do not ask all add right away. Should you not submit the excess documentation, the exam cannot be prepared any more, and you will definitely struggle to have the charge circulated.

Q3: My own deviation big date is approaching therefore can you worry the visa right away?

A3: we can’t come to a decision about whether to problem or reject the visa product before needed exam is over. Most of us work the services pretty through the purchase whereby all of us got them. Get the visa early when your travel strategy is opted.